Our Campus

History Meets Opportunity

Located on Tyler’s historic Dixie School campus, Christian Heritage School (CHS) has been serving East Texas families since 1980. Since CHS is a ministry of the international missions movement of Youth With A Mission(YWAM), both the teaching staff and the families represented in our school represent many nations. Ours is a learning setting of unity with diversity. We are also enriched by seasoned teachers who generously invest in the next generation of students and teachers in a setting that promotes Christian faith and character while promoting academic excellence.

Student Life



Christian Heritage is unique in that it is a K-12 school on one campus.  Each student is known and celebrated first by God and then by their teachers.  The great English author John Milton stated, “That the end of all learning is to know God and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him.”

In addition to CHS, there are two adult missionary training schools that hold classes on our campus- Teachers for the Nations and the School of the Bible. The interns in our Teachers for the Nations school bring our teacher trainees directly into the classroom to learn from and assist the classroom teachers.  The School of the Bible and Teachers for the Nations students often serve as coaches or discipleship group leaders for our high school students.  The passion of these missionaries-in-training enriches the discipleship emphasis in the student life of our CHS students.

Success Stories

“All four of our children attended Christian Heritage School. Through the excellent Biblically based Principle Approach at Christian Heritage School, our children have maintained excellence in their ability to think, reason, and problem solve! Our oldest son Nicholas has served our Country as Green Beret Army Special Forces Medic. Recently a top publishing company has featured Nicholas in a book, including an account of him saving the life of a fellow servicewoman. Presently, Nick is teaching local law enforcement in Tyler and Lindale Texas in how to prepare for potential crisis situations. Our son Nathan went on to attend Wheaton College, followed by attending Cornell University, and now is a Neurologist. “

Kip and Diana Gains

Former CHS parents

“Our family was blessed by our experience at Christian Heritage School. If you're looking for an "elite" private school education with a perfect faculty/staff then don't come to Christian Heritage. If you are looking for a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview education and want to partner with the faculty/staff to educate your child(ren) then CHS is exactly where you should be. Both of our sons graduated from CHS. The spiritual and academic foundations laid in their lives from this incredible school has assisted them to excel as Christian young men. Although academics are important, the main reason we were drawn to and remained at CHS through their academic careers is that they make every effort to abide by their philosophy "Christ first, Self-Worth, Academics". It is a blessing to have a faculty/staff that continue to care about and pray for our sons.“

Gayle Howell

Former CHS parents

“I feel so privileged to have received an education in which I could see God in each subject. As the years went by, each day my thirst for knowledge increased as well as my love for God. I saw transformation in my life through my education. “

Karen G.

CHS Graduate

“I fully believe God orchestrated my life to get me to Christian Heritage School for the lessons that I was to learn there. I learned that every academic subject can (and does) show the hand of God; that character must be developed along with academic learning, and that Biblical reasoning would lead me to understand the “why behind things.”

Travis J.

CHS Graduate and local Tyler businessman

"When we moved to Texas, our son was frustrated when we enrolled him at CHS instead of the local public high school. The public school had lots of cool equipment and opportunities. Now years later, having graduated at the top of his class in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas, and having earned a place in a coveted graduate engineering program at UC Berkeley, he is grateful for his education at CHS."

Kelley Vincent M.Ed

Former CHS Parent

Campus Safety

When parents entrust to us the sacred duty of teaching their children, we are committed to make the safety of our students a priority. When students feel safe, they are able to learn.

“Christian Heritage was one of the very first schools in the East Texas area to take a proactive approach towards the safety of their students and staff. Over the last few years, they have worked diligently to invest physically, mentally and spiritually towards the goal of securing the campus to the best of their ability . As a professional in the training industry, I am pleased with their progress they have made and the willingness to continue along this path.”

Ray Barron, Chief Instructor
Freedom Defense Training & Consulting

Small Community

Our small school community is optimal to providing a safe setting for learning. The low student/teacher ratio allows students to know their teachers and to be known. Our size enables the school to partner effectively with parents in the training and discipleship of their children.


A leading idea that we teach is that God is Providence. He is our protector and provider. This is not simply a theory, but it is lived out in the lives of the missionary teachers and staff at CHS.

“I started at Christian Heritage School in the Reading Class. I have consistently felt my teacher’s love for God, their love for learning, and their love for me. They have shown me how to love God and to see Him through education. This is so valuable to me.” – Mary S. CHS Graduate

Pro Active

We are committed to improving our campus safety while maintaining a setting that promotes a sense of liberty and optimizes our students ability to learn. Teachers and administrators are committed to on-going training so that in the case of emergency, we are ready to respond in a manner that follows our safety plans to protect our students.