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Mrs. Barbara Kilkenny, our superintendent of schools, reminds us often that CHS is a discipleship school. In every course of study, K-12, our hope is to present to our students the glory of God revealed in each subject, along with the Biblical basis of each subject. The values of our missionary training in Youth With A Mission are infused in the daily curriculum in such a manner that our students grow in their love for God and learn to see others with the same value.

“I love CHS because when you make a mistake, the teachers first hear what God has to say and then decide what’s best for you. They love God so much, and they’re so merciful.

One time I did something wrong and tried to cover it up by lying about it. The teacher knew what really had happened and asked me again, trying to get to the truth, but I lied again. The teacher prayed and asked God what to do. In the end, I was shown mercy and was helped with my problem. I love this school because the teachers always find the best in you.” – Caden- current student at CHS


Whether your child is entering the first year of school or concluding his or her senior year of high school, at CHS we teach that God is Providence. The founders of Harvard had it right when they said, “Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed…to lay Christ at the bottom as the only Foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.” This was the view of education that secured for America, at its founding, the tremendous gifts of freedom and prosperity which let to the flourishing of science, industry, and the arts.

“I feel so privileged to have received an education in which I could see God in each subject. As the years went by, each day my thirst for knowledge increased as well as my love for God. I saw a transformation in my life through my education.-Karen – Former Student


The teachers and faculty are committed to knowing and serving the families of our school. We honor the God-given role of parents to be the primary teachers of their children.  It is an honor to be invited to partner with likeminded families by providing an education that honors and enhances training of the character and conscience done by the home and the church.

New students are often surprised to find the approachability of their teachers and the kindness of their classmates.  Unity and diversity are celebrated at Christian Heritage School.

“How can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

“At CHS, there’s always a time for second chances.”
~ NERIAH- current student at CHS

What are parents and students saying?

Parent Endorsements

"CHS has been our partner in educating my children and in providing a safe and encouraging environment. The school provides a high quality faith-based education that leads to knowledge, the ability to think, and excellence in life. The school's goal is not only about academic education but also about life experiences and service to their community. CHS has small classes this makes the educational process more personal and allows teachers to work closer with each child and to pay attention to specific needs. Many CHS teachers and some students are from other countries. This fact provides my children a unique exposure to a multiplicity of culture, languages, accents, customs, and ethnicity. Attending a school with a diverse body of teachers and students helps prepare my children to appreciate and celebrate the differences of and cultivate the acceptance of others. As a business owner and, more importantly, a parent, I support the mission of CHS."

Dan Willson, PT, MS



Founder & CEO/Current CHS Parent

"When we moved to Texas, our son was frustrated when we enrolled him at CHS instead of the local public high school. The public school had lots of cool equipment and opportunities. Now years later, having graduated at the top of his class in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas, and having earned a place in a coveted graduate engineering program at UC Berkeley, he is grateful for his education at CHS. As a father, it means so much to me that he learned to reason independently of the world current, to follow his curiosity; to question, investigate, and become a lifelong learner. These internal things he acquired at CHS have produced great external success in his chosen career. Best of all, the teachers and teachings at CHS were an integral part of God's workmanship in his life be a faithful Christian, husband and father."

Kelley Vincent M.Ed



Former CHS Parent

"All four of our children attended Christian Heritage School. Through the excellent Biblically based Principle Approach at Christian Heritage School, our children have maintained excellence in their ability to think, reason, and problem solve! Our oldest son Nicholas has served our Country as Green Beret Army Special Forces Medic. Recently a top publishing company has featured Nicholas in a book, including an account of him saving the life of a fellow servicewoman. Presently, Nick is teaching local law enforcement in Tyler and Lindale Texas in how to prepare for potential crisis situations. Our son Nathan went on to attend Wheaton College, followed by attending Cornell University, and now is a Neurologist. “

Kip and Diana Gains



Current CHS Parent

"Our oldest finished Reading class (Kindergarten) this past year. He LOVES CHS and his reading level is off the charts! We are glad to be partnered with this school!"

Marvin and Andrea Slaton



Current CHS Parent

"Christian Heritage School offers a truly Christ-centered curriculum. The small class sizes remind me of my youth and growing up in a small town. Even though we live in a city of almost 100,000 people, my children were able to experience the camaraderie of community by attending CHS."

Amy Priddy



Former CHS Parent

"Our family chose CHS last year based on some needs of our family, but CHS met these needs and far more. They went beyond just academics to cultivate our middle school boy both heart, mind and soul. We trust the CHS teachers and staff to love and train our son with the love of Jesus."

Danny Price PhD



Current CHS Parent

"Christian Heritage School teaches the truth of Jesus and His word as revealed in every subject. Teachers explain biblical principles of personal and civil liberty and this fosters self government. Christian Heritage School challenges their students to consider how God will use them to further His kingdom."

Mel Marszalek



Current Student Parent

"After homeschooling our daughter for five years, we recognized it was time to take the next step in her educational journey. At first our daughter was a bit apprehensive about the change, but after a week of praying herself, she came to us and said, "I know this is where I’m supposed to be.” After a year and a half here, this decision remains firm in her mind today. She begins her high school journey with confidence that Christian Heritage School is the right place for her. We have seen teachers call out leadership in our daughter in many ways. They’ve challenged her to dig deeper when she didn’t think she could actually do something. Her mind has learned to develop the why behind her responses. She’s not just memorizing facts; she’s being challenged to understand truth through a Biblical filter. We are thrilled to have our daughter in this environment where she is valued for who she is and not just for what she does. With her eyes set on Baylor for her college education, we have complete confidence she will be fully equipped to take that step if indeed God directs her there. Christian Heritage School is a beautiful expression of God’s heart in this community, and we are so thankful to be part of this family."

Richard & Amy Fish



Current parent

"Having had all our children receive education at Christian Heritage School, I can attest to the fruit of them being there. In addition to the foundations of right relationship with God and others, they have received an understanding of how the Word of God applies to all areas of life. They have also developed a great appreciation for the nation they live in, and the principles that have led to the liberties we are blessed with. I thank God for Christian Heritage School!"

Chris Lascelles



Current parent

Student Endorsements

"I've learned how valuable I am and how God created me uniquely in His image at CHS. I've also learned that our Savior, Jesus, died for our sins so that we may obtain salvation and have a right pure relationship with Him. Learning these things brought so much peace and comfort to my soul. It was encouraging to know that God protects and loves me so much. He is always with me wherever I go and will not forsake me. I realized this is the God I want to serve and love for the rest of my life, so I became a Christian. I am thankful that CHS teaches us the Truth of the Gospel. We're all a family at CHS."



Current Student at CHS

"At CHS, we value people, and we value the Bible and what God has to say. The teachers pray and ask God to give them wisdom to teach. I love CHS because when you make a mistake, the teachers first hear what God has to say and then decide what's best for you. They love God so much, and they're so merciful. One time I did something wrong and tried to cover it up by lying about it. The teacher knew what really had happened and asked me again, trying to get to the truth, but I lied again. The teacher prayed and asked God what to do. In the end, I was shown mercy and was helped with my problem. I love this school because they don't always look at the bad in you, but they always find the best in you."



Current Student at CHS

"I fully believe God orchestrated my life to get me to Christian Heritage School for the lessons that I was to learn there. I learned that every academic subject can (and does) show the hand of God, that character must be developed along with academic learning, and that Biblical reasoning would lead me to understand the “why” behind things."

Travis J.


CHS Graduate

"It was the beginning of the second quarter of the basketball game. As our hands were in the middle, our coach quickly directed us through some plays. Just like a movie, everything seemed to freeze, and I looked around at the sweaty, flustered faces of my teammates. In that moment, I felt a wave of love and warmth come into the little circle. I began to see how much God truly loved all of us, and it made me want to joyfully serve my team. Now that the basketball season is over, I have fond memories of encouragement during practices, laughter after practices, and unity through it all. Most of us had never played basketball before, and it was the coaches’ first time leading an official team. As a result, we grew together, both in the sport and in Christ. Christian Heritage School teaches us to love one another, inside and outside of the classroom. We learn to thrive in Christ and are prepared to share His love wherever we venture."



Current Student at CHS

"When the teachers speak, they want you to soak in the word of God when learning. In every subject, I can see the reflection of Jesus' character and creativity. P.E. is always my favorite because the coaches cheer you on while you practice basketball, soccer, badminton, or volleyball. I love CHS because it's an environment where I can be me. There's no bullying here. The innocent are always protected."



Current Student at CHS

"It has been unexpected how much I love this school. I have made great friends, and I feel celebrated. When I lived in China, I didn’t know much of the Bible. However, I am learning about God in every subject. This is amazing to me. I have come to see different ways I can know God outside of the church. I have grown so much in my relationship with God."



Current Student at CHS




Current Student at CHS




Current Student at CHS

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