Christian Heritage is a K-12 school serving families who desire to raise children of godly character and who understand that all learning is a part of your child’s discipleship. 

Our philosophy of education is the Principle Approach, which emphasizes historic truth, biblical principles, and Christian reasoning at the core of every subject.  

Classes meet Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 2:30pm, with the option of an early morning drop-off at 7:45am.

The Principle Approach

The Principle Approach shows how God has used individuals, events, and nations to forward the Gospel and His Government on earth.   It reveals God’s great love for humanity and equips students to be key individuals in the restoration of our nation’s Christian foundation and the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.

Students actively learn through the four R’s of the Principle Approach:

  1. Research (using the Bible, science, word studies, etc.)
  2. Reason (using logic, cause-and-effect to seek truth)
  3. Relate (connecting topics to one another)
  4. Record (noting ideas, findings, and conclusions)


Students use binders, known as the Notebook Method, to record their work.  This method results in a personal library of a student’s own diligence, creativity, learning, and character development.

Teachers at Christian Heritage School:

  • Encourage each student’s individuality and the divine purpose it gives him or her
  • Empower each student to take responsibility for learning as he or she enjoys the freedom of self-government
  • Emphasize recurring principles at every grade level so that students will internalize and fully understand each subject
  • Expect each student to grow in respect and love for others as his or her character is shaped by Christ

Find out more about the Principle Approach
and the seven principles of government and education here



Our teachers fortify the love of God and learning being nurtured in the home.  The curriculum for Kindergarten (known as the Reading class) through 5th includes:

  • Core subjects: Math, Science, and Reading/Spelling
  • Classic Literature from Laura Ingalls Wilder to C.S. Lewis
  • Intro to Bible topics, characters, and memory verses
  • Music classes and Oration (public speaking for all grades)
  • Cursive Handwriting (begins in 3rd grade)




Junior High

Our teachers understand the curiosity and challenges that middle school students face as they mature in biblical knowledge and character. The curriculum for 6th
through 8th grade includes:

  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra
  • Botany, Zoology, Science Lab
  • Classic Literature from Howard Pyle to William Shakespeare
  • Bible study methods using history, culture, etc.
  • Geography, History, Writing Fundamentals, & Art



High School

,Our High School teachers cultivate the growing independence of upper school students and their God-given potential aa they approach adulthood. The curriculum for 9th through 12th grade students includes:

  • Algebra II, Geometry, and Business Math
  • Chemistry, Science Lab
  • Classic Literature from Nathanial Hawthorne to JRR Tolkien
  • Bible Logic and Rhetoric (the art of thinking & speaking)
  • American and World History
  • Spanish for 9th & 10th grade