Social Media and Internet Protection Information

Parents today face a daunting challenge to teach their children to navigate the World Wide Web with wisdom and discretion.  On this post, we hope to equip CHS parents with resources to assist you in discipling your children for God’s purposes armed with the truth.

Click here to hear about “Media and the Addicted Generation” from a local pastor at Community Christian Fellowship.

Stay Informed

Say Certain Things
▪ What should I do when I see pornography?
▪ Go over the family digital code of conduct and sign it as a family
▪ Create an acceptable smartphone contract
▪ Collect phones before kids go to bed.

Guard Your Children
▪Keep internet devices out of their bedroom.
▪Talk to parents of friends where your kids are spending time.
▪Stall on your home router –Explanation of how to install it:
▪Don’t allow them to add/delete apps until 16 yrs. old.
▪Go to bottom of and click “Yes” to restricted mode

Obey the same rules: Kids love to imitate
▪Model for them what you want to see!

Veteran’s Day Celebration 2016

As we prepare for our annual Veteran’s Day celebration on Friday, November 11 at 1:00 PM, we are asking you and your children to invite friends and relatives who are US military veterans to join us on that special day. Please see the following poster.


Join us as we honor those who have sacrificed so much to secure the liberty we enjoy.

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"The end of all learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him." -John Milton